Chris Teng

GDLP Clerk, Darwin

Chris Teng first joined Ward Keller as a Law Clerk in July 2015, midway through his first year into a double degree in law and arts (majoring in political science) at Charles Darwin University. He started his graduate law clerkship with the firm in February 2020 and graduated from his studies in May.

‘I’ve been fortunate to complete most of my studies through Ward Keller – more than four years all up’, said Chris. ‘I’ve had the opportunity to learn so many things in my work with the firm that I’ve been able to apply and understand at uni, which has complemented my studies’, he said.

Chris will spend the first six months of his clerkship in the firm’s commercial cell helping the lawyers with more ‘hands-on’ tasks like research and drafting leases and deeds.

‘I’ve spent most of my time at Ward Keller in the commercial law area: in our migration practice, on wills and estate planning, and on some family law and worker’s compensation matters too’, he said.

‘That’s one of the fortunes of working with Ward Keller—that opportunity to be exposed to and learn from the firm’s many different areas of law’, he said.

Chris was born and raised in Darwin. Outside work, he’s a general committee member of NT Young Lawyers and loves walking his dog and exercising.

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