Vishal Pandey

Front of House Manager, Darwin

Ward Keller appointed its first Front of House Manager in 2017. Vishal Pandey took up the role in June.

‘My main job is to manage the reception area, direct phone calls, look after emails, and ensure clients are happy and looked after when they arrive’, said Vishal.

Before he moved to the NT in December 2014, Vishal spent seven years in London as Front of House Manager for the Master Robert Hotel in Hounslow. Then in Darwin, he spent 2.5 years as Guest Relations Manager for the busy DoubleTree by Hilton hotel.

‘I was in charge of reception and reservations for both—making sure front of house ran smoothly, which I’m now doing here at Ward Keller’, said Vishal, who was born in India and completed his Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality Management with Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The switch away from shift work was a welcome change for Vishal, who was looking for an opportunity to try a new industry.

‘I was lucky to find Ward Keller and this role. It’s a totally new application of my experience, but I’ve found it’s essentially the same role I’ve performed for a long time.

‘The people here are very nice too. Everyone is cooperative and ready to teach me new things.’

Vishal and his wife, a doctor, love their new home in Darwin. Outside work, Vishal loves working out at the gym.