Drink or Drug Driving

In the Northern Territory, the legal blood alcohol limit is 0.05. The Courts take drink or drug driving offences very seriously. The Judge usually does not have any discretion, so if you plead guilty, or are found guilty, of drink or drug driving, you will face a mandatory loss of your licence.

If you are going to plead guilty to a drink or drug driving charge, we can assist you in navigating the Court process. To achieve the best possible outcome, we will ask you to provide us with:

  • Details of any prior drink or drug driving offences, or traffic offences. This is very important, as it affects the mandatory suspension period the Court has to impose.
  • Character references from your employer and members of good standing within the community. We will discuss with you the best people to provide you with character references, and assist you with the wording of these.
  • Some background information about your employment, family circumstances, community involvement and the circumstances of the offence.

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