Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is a creation of the mind. It includes inventions, names, logos, phrases, colours, images, literary and artistic works, and designs that are used in business.

It’s important for Territory businesses to understand the many different types of IP—such as copyright, patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeders’ rights—and how to protect your IP from being used by others.

An IP owner has the exclusive right to use and commercialise its IP and to stop others from using it without consent.

Ward Keller’s lawyers are experienced in helping clients with IP matters.

We can help you identify whether you have IP in your business that can be protected and then help you register it.

We work closely with the Northern Territory Government and relevant IP authorities to help Territory entrepreneurs, innovators and organisations protect their valuable IP.

Our services include:

  • Advising, negotiating, reviewing and drafting IP agreements
  • Identifying whether you have registrable IP
  • Trade mark searches
  • Advising on the registrability of proposed trade marks
  • Preparing and filing trade mark applications in Australia and overseas
  • Prosecuting trade mark applications
  • Providing trade mark infringement advice
  • Handling trade mark opposition matters and trade mark cancellation proceedings
  • Assisting with registering patents, designs and plant breeders’ rights in Australia and overseas
  • Reviewing and managing your IP portfolio on your behalf

If you are not sure whether your business is protected, contact us for some tailored advice.