Notary Public

Leon Loganathan is a notary public and is available by appointment for notorial services.

Please bring two forms of government issued photo identification with you to your appointment. Ideally, this should be a current passport and a current driver’s licence.

Any documents that need to be notarised must be in English. If not in English, you should have a copy translated into English, ideally by an accredited translator, before proceeding with the appointment.

We will take electronic copies of all documentation that is notarised as well as your forms of identification. This is to ensure that we have a reference if we are contacted by a party seeking to verify that we notarised the documents. Please refer to the attached Privacy Statement.

Our fees for this service are as follows: up to five documents is $220 (each document can be up to two pages or up to ten pages in total). If there are more than five documents (of no more than two pages each), you will be charged an extra $11 per document. If there are more than five documents or the documents in total are more than ten pages then please contact us for a fee quote.

For the booking of the notary appointment to be confirmed, we request payment at the time of booking. If you have booked over the phone, we need you to provide us with credit card details for payment to be processed prior to the appointment.
For all our appointments, we scan copies of the notarised documents and the photo identification for each client. This is to ensure that we have records of all the work completed by the notary public.

From time to time, some countries require documents to be apostilled, which is essentially the Australian Government verifying the notary public.
Please note, to get a document apostilled, it must be notarised first. This generally means ALL the pages within the document.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides the apostille service and you will need to book an appointment with them separately. They are located in the same building as our head office at 22 Mitchell Street, Darwin.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To book an appointment:
Phone: (08) 8946 2999

A copy of this information, as well as our Privacy Statement, can be viewed here.

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