Criminal law

We have criminal lawyers who understand that being charged is a very stressful and uncertain time for not only the client but also their loved ones. Ward Keller’s defence criminal lawyers ensure that communication between the lawyer and the client is key. We have a reputation of ensuring that our client feels they can trust us, as we make sure that they understand the process and all the options. We also brief some of the leading barristers in Darwin.

The lawyers at Ward Keller are experienced in all areas of the criminal laws operating in the Northern Territory and can provide defence representation for charges such as:

  • violence related offences including assault, serious harm and sex offences
  • drug charges
  • traffic and driving offences
  • fraud and robbery offences
  • domestic violence matters

Ward Keller has particular expertise in appealing criminal convictions in the Criminal Court of Appeal of the Northern Territory and the High Court of Australia.