Di Walker

Workflow Systems / Payroll Manager

Di officially joined Ward Keller in December 2017 after two years of external work behind the scenes when the firm changed its database system.

‘In the changeover, all the firm’s documents and letters had to be recoded, so I did a lot of coding work, and I managed the workflow to make the users’ lives a little bit easier and cut down on their time to access the new documents’, she explained.

Di has had senior admin roles most of her career. ‘But always with an IT element to them’, said Di, whose previous role with a local real estate agency was to help switch databases.

She now maintains the new system and is the firm’s go-to IT person. ‘If anyone needs help with printers or computers or the network, they come to me’, she said. ‘It’s quite a challenge, but I really enjoy it. And no two days are the same!’

Di loves the culture at Ward Keller. ‘It’s a brilliant place to work’, she said. ‘Everyone is very friendly and supportive.’

Di has lived in Darwin on and off for 30 years. When she’s not at work, her passion is travelling. ‘I spend a lot of time researching our next place to explore!’, she said. Mostly overseas at the moment—she’s saving exploring Australia for her ‘grey nomad’ phase later in life.