Mandy Heyne

Credit Control Manager and Company Secretary

Mandy Heyne has two roles at Ward Keller: Credit Control Manager and Company Secretary.

Prior to joining Ward Keller in 2006, Mandy Heyne spent 16 years in the banking industry where she gathered a solid working knowledge of securities, the legislation that governs the banking industry and the requirements of the Consumer Credit Code.

Mandy has moved around the firm in her years with Ward Keller, from preparing loan and security documentation to commercial lending work and preparing NT jurisdictional documents, attending settlements and post settlement matters.

Today, as Company Secretary, Mandy manages the ASIC requirements for a number of business names that use Ward Keller as their registered office. Mandy also managers the firm’s accounts and debt administration team, where her strong finance background continues to support her. She’s also a Commissioner for Oaths.

Outside work, her passion is travel. “I love America; I’ve been over there once and can’t wait to return,” said Mandy, who is planning her next adventure through America and Europe. “I love cruises. I’ve done a couple to Vanuatu, which was just fantastic.”