Lani Zander joined Ward Keller’s Alice Springs office as a receptionist in January 2024 after finishing year 12 in 2023. After a gap year, she plans to head to Melbourne to study psychology in 2025.

‘I liked the idea of working in a law firm because I’m also interested in studying law down the track, so I thought it’d be a great way to find out first hand more about the legal field.’

Lani describes her job as ‘so good’. ‘I really love it,’ she said. ‘Everyone in the office here is lovely and helpful, and there’s a ‘spirit’ here. It’s not like you just come to work and do your job; it feels more like a community.’

Lani helps the Alice Springs team with greeting and taking in new clients, processing invoices, organising events and other admin jobs.

Outside work, Lani’s passion is dancing, which she does after work every day. ‘I do tap, jazz, ballet, acrobatics, just everything,’ said Lani, who has been dancing since she was 2 years old. In April, Lani’s dance troupe is going to Disneyland to dance at Universal Studios. ‘I’m very excited!’

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